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Welcome to the Ben the Hoose press page. This page is aimed at media covering Ben the Hoose and at promoters and venues staging Ben the Hoose shows. Please have a look through the information here; if you require anything further, please email us on mail@benthehoose.com

Downloadable images

Press photo
JPEG 25cm wide 300dpi 1.15MB

Photo by Richard Cosgrove

Press photo
JPEG 20.5cm wide 300dpi 2.46MB

Live at Dunedin Celtic Arts
Festival, New Zealand,
17 October 2005. Photo
by Andrew MacKay.

Press photo
JPEG 15cm wide 300dpi 807Kb

Photo by Richard Cosgrove

Press photo
JPEG 12cm wide 300dpi

Baldwin Street, Dunedin
New Zealand

Press photo (B&W)
JPEG 12.2cm wide 300dpi

Baldwin Street, Dunedin, New Zealand

Press photo
JPEG 25cm wide 300dpi 1.1MB

Live at Whare Flat Festival of
Music & Dance, New Zealand,
31 December 2006. Photo
by Andrew MacKay.

Downloadable documents

Biographies for Ben the Hoose,
as well as individual biographies
for Kenny and Bob.

Sound and stage plan
Ben the Hoose have simple stage
requirements. Please follow this
plan carefully.

Press release
Ben the Hoose win 2006
Best Folk Album Tui for
The Little Cascade

PA guide
Hiring a PA
If you have to hire a small
PA to put on a Ben the
Hoose gig, but are unsure
what to ask for, read this first.

2007 NZ tour press release
for press and promoters

Concert poster
Adobe PDF, 4.3MB
Full colour A3 with 3mm bleed
all round. Most printers will allow
you to print it A4 as well. There
is space at the bottom to write
gig information.

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