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1  Kissing is the best   
2  The Holm Band set   
3  Norway Yawl   
4  The Little Cascade   
5  Orkney
6  Marry me now   
7  Harbour   
8  Scapa Flow
9  Snow on the hills
10  Knockdhu   
11  Gloomy winter   
12  Barren Rocks   
The Little Cascade
Released October 20, 2006
"Best Folk Album 2006" :: New Zealand Music Awards Read more (PDF)

Sorry, this title is now out of print

The Little Cascade is the first release from New Zealand-based Scottish duo Ben the Hoose. It's a collection of modern and traditional Scottish dance music, based on their exciting and inventive live performances, and played in their trademark rhythmic, lyrical style. All the signature Ben the Hoose elements are here; great tunes, inventive arrangements, great changes, and especially, Kenny Ritch's classic, vibrant Scots fiddle playing. The album is framed by Bob McNeill's unique, powerful, many-voiced guitar.

The title track is a six-part pipe reel written by Pipe Major George S. McLennan while a prisoner of war in Germany during WWI. He apparently composed this gorgeous tune while unable to sleep because of a dripping tap.

The Little Cascade features traditional dance music from all over Scotland, and modern tunes by some of Scotland's best composers. The album also features three songs, two of which were penned by Bob Harbour, a favourite from the duo's live performances, and the previously unreleased Norway Yawl. The third song is a stirring version of Robert Tannahill's Gloomy Winter's Noo Awa'.

Recorded in Rangiora, New Zealand, June-September 2006
Except Snow on the Hills, recorded in Nelson, New Zealand, June 2005

Engineered by Kenny Ritch
Mixed by Bob McNeill
Mastered by Studios 301, Sydney, Australia
Produced by Ben the Hoose

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